Dead blog

Writing isn’t really my thing… this blog has been dead for a while but now it is officially dead.

More info about my games and my company:

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Jetlane – playing with materials

Jetlane new Colors

Playing around with some different colors, materials and effects…

play here

I’m getting a feel for what works and what doesn’t… I’m hoping the next update will bring it all together. So next update should be the first finished track!

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Jetlane – another update


So I worked on jetlane this week. Mostly on the graphics and the camera system. It sure has been a long time since I’ve modelled anything from scratch. The models are not great but I’m happy with it for now…

play it here

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Jetlane – Update

Well I didn’t win the competition, but that’s ok.

I’m still developing Jetlane and making some real progress. I have improved the handling, added sides to the road, added particles, added a loop and more!

The updated version can be played here

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I’ve entered a game demo into the “Immunity” dev challenge.
The game is a sci-fi race game called Jetlane.


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And we’re off

First post on my new website. It will mostly be about me and my efforts in game development.

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